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Dr. Tony Page. Author of "Buddhism and Animals" ... and "Vivisection Unveild" ... and

On passing the following on to me as PLBF's only form of notice board or "other means" [pure land notes online], Jim indicated that he was not at all certain of his recollection of Dr. Tony Page and suggested that I might email him to find out if he were linked to any particular group.
I wonder if you would be so kind as to put up a notice or let your students members know via some other means that I shall be giving a course of 4 free lectures on Buddhism entitled,
"Buddhism: From Basic to Advanced Teachings"
- 4 Free Lectures by Dr. Tony Page at 7.00 p.m. until 9 p.m. -
Friday 27 August, 3 September, 10 September, 17 September 2004
"The Meeting Place", 153 Drummond Street, Euston, London NW1 2PB
(nearest Tube Station: Euston). E-mail enquiries:
I am the author of several books on Buddhism (including "Buddhism and Animals" and "Buddha-Self"), and in these lectures I shall focus both on the Shunyata and Tathagatagarbha teachings. Warm good wishes to you - and many thanks! Yours cordially, Tony (Dr. Tony Page)
Rather than emailing - I did my own research on the net and found that one of the titles that Dr. Page mentioned in his email to Jim is featured as recommenced reading on the "Religion and Vegetarianism - Buddhism" page of the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians
In a total of only five titles recommenced @"Religion and Vegetarianism - Buddhism", Dr Tony Page is the author of one other, entitled: "What Does Buddhism Say About Animals?" Published by: UKAVIS, London, 1998, 31 pages. "Intended primarily for older children and teenagers, this booklet presents in simple, straightforward terms the Buddhist arguments for not exploiting animals". In each case the publisher is: UKAVIS - the United Kingdom Anti-Vivisection Information Service P.O. Box 4746, London, SE11 4XF, England. I was unable to find a website with that address, however I did find the British Anti-Vivisection Information Association website and there, in a piece entitled "On the Science or Madness? - An Introduction to the BAVA" it is said : " ... thanks to courageous and outspoken anti-vivisection authors and campaigners such as the late Dr Hadwen, Hans Ruesch, one-time vivisector Professor Croce, author of the excellent Vivisection or Science; a Choice to Make, Dr Tony Page, author of Vivisection Unveiled, and naturopath Patrick Rattigan, all of whom have gone to great lengths to provide us with the ammunition we need. Contact the BAVA for a current list of educational materials, which are, as always, for sale at cost price."
That "ammunition" is downloaded with considerable impact @ the UK Antivivisection Information Service website. A similar site of note is that of the national anti-vivisection society.
I also found a review of another work by Dr. Page @ entitled "Vivisection Unveiled: An Expose of the Medical Futility of Animal Experimentation". Published by: Independent Publishers Group, Paul & Company, 140 Union Street, Marshfield, Massachusetts 02050, USA. Email: Jeremy Soldevilla at ISBN #: 1-897766-31-9 RETAIL PRICE[guide]: $11.00 USA/£6.99 England.
In this review it says "ABOUT THE AUTHOR":
Tony Page holds a doctorate in Literature from Oxford University and has worked as a medical copy editor and translator for one of Europe's most prestigious scientific publishing houses. While carrying out postgraduate research at Oxford in the early 1980's, Dr. Page became aware of the practice of vivisection and subsequently embarked upon his own investigations into the subject. Initially believing that animal tests of human medicines and other chemicals were scientifically justified, extensive research convinced him that the medical/scientific value claimed for such tests is ultimately illusory. The present book seeks to explain why. The author is the founder of UKAVIS (UK Anti-Vivisection Information Service) and has appeared on television and radio several times to argue the case for a total, immediate and permanent ban on all vivisection.
Please go to and scroll to the foot of the page for a full review of the book.
And then ... following a link from the Amida Trust website I went to and used the search site function there [HomepageSearchEngine Pro 3.53+ © 2004] to enter the word string: +"page" +"tony" - and was very pleased to find that this revealed 6 Files found:
1. Animal Aid : News bulletin: September 2001 NEW VIVISECTION VIDEO A big hit with teachers ...
2. Animal Aid Campaigns : Veggie Month 99 Seven front-page celebrities, ranging from Sir Paul McCartney to ...
3. Animal Aid : News bulletin: November 2000 ANIMAL AID'S REVIEW OF THE YEAR ...
4. Animal Aid : News bulletin: December 2001 ROUND-UP Of the year ...
5. Animal Aid : News ... Veggie Month 99 (see #2 above)
6. Animal Aid : Christmas Without Cruelty
INFO| | Animal Aid campaigns peacefully against all animal abuse, and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. Contact Animal Aid at The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1AW, UK, tel +44 (0)1732 364546, fax +44 (0)1732 366533, email
I have eyeballed every one of those pages above; I see no mention or reference to Dr Tony Page on any of them. However, every page of this excellently built site has many links within it and I have not investigated them all! So, you go off on your own search if you want and let me know what you find; but I am pleased to say that my search came to an end when I found the full text of an Interview with Dr. Page by Claudette Vaughan in August 2000 for Animal Liberation NSW - included on page of archived interviews with people who are "well known where it counts".[particularly NSW Australia?]
So, this blog - in the form of a guided tour through certain interrelated websites - has for me, achieved its aim, which was: to find out if Doctor Tony Page is linked to any particular group. He answers this himself to me - and to anyone else who wants to know; though not as an emailed reply to an emailed question, but by a kind of 'personal encounter' all be it online and not in real time. In the middle of his interview with Animal Lib.NSW he is asked to: "Tell us about your own organisation Tony?" He replies:

"A few years ago I set up the UK Antivivisection Information Service, which is just a very small, unsalaried organisation aimed at getting the truth out about vivisection – especially how the practice is of no medical value due to its many unpredictable physiological differences between animals and humans. I have written books on the theme, plus Buddhist books, which approach the question of animal rights from a more moral/spiritual angle. So I try to distribute this kind of information to whomever is interested in it".
In his interview with Animal Lib. NSW Dr. Page says that as far as Dharma [the Buddha's teachings] is concerned "it is always best to go back to the source, as far as possible". In agreement with that and in gratitude to Dr. Page's efforts in distributing all kinds of information and I end with some 'Pure' Dharma quotations from "Buddhism and Animals" by Dr. Tony Page.
Pray let us not eat any flesh or meat whatsoever coming from living beings. Anyone who eats flesh is cutting himself off from the great seed of his own merciful and compassionate nature, for which all sentient beings will reject him and flee from him when they see him acting so. . . Someone who eats flesh is defiling himself beyond measure . . .
The Buddha in the Brahmajala Sutra. pg. 132.
For fear of causing terror to living beings, Mahamati, let the Bodhisattva [Buddhist practitioner who is striving to become enlightened] who is disciplining himself to attain compassion refrain from eating flesh. . . let the Bodhisattva who is disciplining himself to abide in great compassion, because of its terrifying living beings, refrain from eating meat . . . let the Bodhisattva, whose nature is pity and who regards all beings as his only child, wholly refrain from eating meat. . .
The Buddha in the Lankavatara Sutra. pg. 134.
If, Mahamati, meat is not eaten by anybody for any reason, there will be no destroyer of life.
The Buddha in the Lankavatara Sutra. pg. 136.
Thus, Mahamati, meat eating I have not permitted to anyone, I do not permit, I will not permit.
The Buddha in the Lankavatara Sutra. pg. 138.
O good man, one who takes flesh kills the seed of great compassion!
The Buddha in the Mahaparinirvana Sutra. pg. 140.
Dr. Page is identified as author of two titles @ "RELIGION AND VEGETARIANISM BIBLIOGRAPHY - BUDDHISM" page of the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians. The other three are:
Kapleau, Philip, To Cherish All Life: A Buddhist Case for Becoming Vegetarian, The Zen Center, Rochester, 1981, 104 pages. This is the standard work on Buddhism and vegetarianism by a highly respected American Zen master who studied for 13 years in Japan and returned home to found the Rochester Zen Center. In it, Kapleau Roshi discusses the Buddhist view of animals, the first precept ("Do not kill"), the Buddha's diet, and other key issues. Available from the Rochester Zen Center, 7 Arnold Park, Rochester, NY 14607-2082, 716-473-9180, .
Lawrence, Kate, "Nourishing Ourselves, Nourishing Others: How Mindful Food Choices Reduce Suffering," in Mindfulness in the Marketplace: Consuming with Compassion, edited by Allan Hunt Badiner (Berkeley: Parallax Press, 2002).  This recent essay is an important advance on other discussions of Buddhism and vegetarianism, discussing not only the first precept but the second and fifth precepts, the idea of right livelihood, and the issue of eating an "animal killed especially for you."  
"Meat: To Eat it or Not: A Debate on Food and Practice" in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Volume IV, Number 2, Winter 1994, pg. 49 [site searched - article not found]. The views of ten prominent Buddhists, ranging from the Buddha to Philip Glass, on whether Buddhism allows meat eating.
Postscript: In the process of checking all links prior to the publication of this blog I discovered that the interview between Animal Liberation NSW and Dr. Tony Page is available as a link from which is also listed at the foot of the Amida Trust home page.


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